Holiday Menu

scandinavian holiday menu

Available All Day

Snøfrisk® and Beetroot Chutney Panini with Arugula – $5.50
Snøfrisk® cheese with apple-onion-beet chutney and arugula and grilled with extra virgin olive oil.

Jägargryta – Norwegian Hunter’s Stew – $8.00
Elk, beef, and chanterelles in venison broth with lingonberry, gjetost and dill.

Pickled Herring in Sour Cream – $5.00
Served with house made rye flatbread.

Ärtsoppa Swedish Split Pea Soup – $3.50/$5.00
Served with house made rye flatbread.

House Made Swedish Meatballs (klassiska köttbullar) in Brown Sauce – $8.00
Made with house ground beef, pork and warm winter spices. Served with Yukon gold potatoes,
lingonberries, créme fraîche and dill.

Lefse Plate – $3.00/$5.00
Served with butter, sugar and cinnamon.

Lefse by the Pound – $8.00
Packaged to take home.

Scandinavian Cheese Sampler – $11

Try all three of the following Norwegian and Danish cheeses. With house made rye crackers, grilled como, apple slices, marcona almonds and beetroot chutney.

Gjetost (Norway) – This sweet-caramel “brown” goat cheese is uniquely Norwegian. It has a slightly sour flavor that also hints at sweet caramel with a smooth texture of a dense, buttery fudge.

Lighthouse Keeper (Denmark) – The North Sea, now in cheese form! Lighthouse Keeper is produced with milk from cows that graze just off the coast of Denmark, and carries sweet notes of cooked milk and dulce de leche.

Snøfrisk® (Norway) — Translated as `snow fresh’ in English, this cheese is has no additives. Produced with the purest milk from free-roaming goats and cows, Snøfrisk® is a white, unripened and creamy goats cheese made in the heart of the Norwegian countryside.