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Beer Flight — Choose 4 beers on tap $6
updated 08/2019

Locust New England Amber Cider  •  Woodinville
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
Inspired by New England style ciders, Washington apples are blended with brown sugar and dates for a complex, yet smooth and balanced flavor. 7.1% abv

Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death • Ellensburg
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
Created by the brewery’s founder, Quilter’s Irish Death is The Iron Horse Brewery Flagship Beer. The color of this beer belies its drinkability. We lovingly refer to it as beer candy. Irish Death is loaded with a f#*!-ton of different malts and just enough hop presence for balance. Smooth enough to session, but too strong to do so. 7.8% abv | 12 IBU

Black Fleet Brewing Low Vis Coffee Muddy Milk Stout • Tacoma
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
Hazy Ipa and Milk Stout hybrid with locally roasted coffee. Juicy hops meld with rich flavors of truffle and coffee beans to create a hybrid ale that is uniquely Pacific Northwestern. Welcome to the dark side of hazy! 5.4% avb

Black Raven Flocktoberfest  •  Redmond
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
A seasonal lager brewed in the German Marzen style, this clean and balanced lager is the perfect summer into fall treat. Crafted with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor with a light, toasty undertone. Domestic and European hops provide a balanced, light hop profile. 4.8% abv  |  26 IBU

Black Fleet Brewing Profit And Penance Pale Ale • Tacoma
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
Celebrate the treasure you find but stay cautious of the penance you’ll pay from its weight. Lightly kilned red malt and honey malts give some background sweetness to balance noble-inspired hopping. A refined noble herbal flavor of Loral hops is complimented by a pop of Citra. This ale finishes clean with a light lingering of hop bitterness. 4.5% abv | 37 IBU

Wingman Ace IPA  •  Tacoma
pint—$4.50 | pitcher—$15
Ruddy in color, Ace IPA drops a hop bomb of flavor. Brewed with 5 distinctly Northwest hops, the Simcoe, Citra, Centennial Cascade, and Bravo Hops will have you wanting to drop pint after pint. 7.1% abv   |   83 IBU

Beers in Bottles

Full Sail Session Lager • Hood River, OR–$3.00
Full Sail Amber Ale • Hood River, OR–$3.50
Pyramid Haywire Heffeweizen • Portland, OR–$3.50
Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout • Newport, OR–$4.00

12 Ounce Cans

7 Seas Rude 253 Pilsner • Gig Harbor–$3.50
7 Seas Rude Parrot Single IPA • Gig Harbor–$3.50
Wingman P-51 Porter • Tacoma–$3.50
Wingman Ace IPA • Tacoma–$3.50
Elemental Hard Cider Blood Orange Cider • Woodinville–$3.50

Big Beers

Wingman Reformaiden  •  Tacoma – $7.00

Black Raven Hochzeit Pilsner  •  Redmond – $6.50

Icicle Brewing Bootjack IPA  •  Leavenworth – $7.50

Reuben’s Brews Robust Porter  •  Seattle – $6.50

Odin Brewing Odin’s Gift  •  Seattle – $7.00

Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death  •  Ellensberg – $7.00

Wingman Pocket Aces 2x IPA  •  Tacoma – $9.00

Blue Mountain Cider Cherry  •  Milton-Freewater, OR – $8.00

Blue Mountain Cider Estate
Winesap  •  Milton-Freewater, OR – $7.50

Blue Mountain Cider Dry Creek  •  Milton-Freewater, OR – $7.50

Specialty Drinks

Bubbly — $3
Mimosa — $3
Sparktini — $5
(framboise & bubbly with fresh raspberries)