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Supporting Community

Many of the wines and beers we feature at 208 Garfield come from Pacific Lutheran University Alumni affiliated wineries and breweries, every bottle or glass you buy supports these craft vintners and brewers. Look for the gluten free  symbol on our menus to see where you can support former LUTES!

Beer on Tap

Elemental Blood Orange Cider • Woodinville
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
Our “Calcium” Blood Orange Hard Cider is rich and semi-sweet on the palate and produces a tart finish that dances on the tongue. The acidity makes this an easy drinking cider that is refreshing and light year round. 6.5% abv

gluten free Black Fleet Brewing Headley’s Heroic SMaSH • Tacoma
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
A golden elixer of refreshment. Reminisient of a pilsner with a smooth mouthfeel. Light, malty notes of biscuit finish clean & dry resulting in an ale that goes down easy. 4.6% abv

Pelican Brewing Seahops • Pacific City, OR
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
Seahops was created with a deep respect towards the ingredients that bring it to life, putting them on full display for all to enjoy. With every sip, enjoy bold citrusy hop notes, light gold color and crisp, snappy bitterness. With a toasty malt flavor supporting the punchy, citrusy and piney hop character, Seahops is a classic IPA that delivers great drinkability and beachy good times. 6.5% abv | 60 IBU

Iron Horse Cozy Sweater • Ellensburg
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
Here we’ve taken a dark and chocolatey beer foundation and added a few twists. The addition of lactose has the benefit of adding a smooth and round mouthfeel, plus a touch of sweetness. On top of what could already be considered a revelation in a bottle, we decided to throw in a hint of vanilla, because who doesn’t appreciate overdoing it? 4.5% abv

gluten free Black Fleet Brewing Porter Starboard  •  Tacoma
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
Dark brown with red highlights and an off white head. The aroma and flavor are of dark chocolate with hints of toffee; rich and smooth with a medium body and a crisp clean finish. 5.2% abv  |  19 IBU

Mac & Jack’s African Amber  |  Redmond
$4.50 glass  |   $13.50 pitcher
This beer erupts with a floral, hoppy taste, followed by a well rounded malty middle, finishing with a nicely organic hop flavor. Further complexity is achieved by leaving the beer unfiltered, providing exceptional flavor, as well as giving our amber its unique ìcloudyî look. 5.8% abv  | 30 IBU 

updated 12/17/2021

Beer & Cider Bottles

gluten free Blue Mountain Cider  Estate Varietal Series Winesap  |  Milton-Freewater, OR  |  22oz – $7.50
Full Sail Amber Ale  |  Hood River, OR  |  12oz – $3.50
gluten free Wingman Reformaiden  |  Tacoma  |  22oz – $7.00
Full Sail Session Lager  |  Hood River, OR  |  11oz – $3.00
Odin Brewing Odin’s Gift  |  Seattle  |  22oz – $7.00
Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death  |  Ellensberg  |  22oz – $7.00

Beer & Cider Cans

San Juan Seltzer Huckleberry  |  Seattle – $2.50
San Juan Seltzer Rainer Cherry  |  Seattle – $2.50
Wicked D’s Cider Peach Cobbler – $3.50
gluten free Wingman Pilsner |  Tacoma – $3.00
Pfriem Pilsner – $3.50
Bale Breaker Pilsner – $3.50
gluten free Wingman Ace IPA  | Tacoma – $3.00
Reuben’s Crikey IPA – $3.50
Aslan Batch 15 IPA – $3.50
Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout – $3.50
Icicle Dark Persuasion Porter – $3.50
gluten free Wingman Coconut P-51  |  Tacoma – $4.50
gluten free Wingman P-51 Porter  |  Tacoma – $3.00

Beer Growlers

New 64oz Growler — $5.00
64oz Refill — same price as a pitcher

Specialty Drinks

Bubbly – $3.00
Mimosa – $3.00
Sunset Sparkler 1/2 Rosé & 1/2 Champagne with orange slice – $3.00